Enlace-24. Breda Beban

24 february, 2005
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Breda Beban. Let's Call it Love, 2000
Breda Beban. Let's Call it Love, 2000

Beban’s work has an unusual and powerful ability to describe life’s details in a way that while simple, contains deep human emotion. Her work ranges from experimental musicals made for British television to three-dimensional stories conceived for exhibition spaces. The latest presentations of her work have been seen at the Museum of Modern Art (New York, 2005), the Tate Modern and the National Film Theatre (London, 2004).

Beban is presenting a conference on her most recent work, after which there will be a screening of the films Let’s Call it Love (2000), Walk of Three Chairs (2003), Little Films to Cry To (2003), Kati, Touchdown Portrait (2003) and How to Change your Life in a Day (2004).