Enlace-48. Cal Cego

5 may, 2010
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Douglas Gordon. Play Dead, Real Time (Other Way), 2003
Douglas Gordon. Play Dead, Real Time (Other Way), 2003

In Etcétera (1981), a performance piece he did with the artist Rosa Galindo, time occupies a crucial position in the construction of a discursive link between the fields of experience and the physical condition of the material world.

Infinito 5 (1985), co-directed with Antonio Cano, explores the relationship between architecture, action and video, suggesting an anomalous loop of reciprocities between space, movement and image.

Atlanta (1986) offers a portrait of the physical, technological and cultural transformations that human beings experienced on the threshold of the emerging digital culture.

Prótesis (1989) is a multimedia act done with the group Depósito Dental that explores the contradictory relationship between man and the human body and addresses the post-biological condition in which the natural is reconciled with the artificial.

Garhel’s work has been shown in galleries, museums, exhibitions and at national and international festivals like Documenta 8 in Kassel, the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe and the Ars Electronic Festival in Linz.

Presented by Karin Ohlenschläger, art critic and curator and a specialist in contemporary art and new media.


Etcétera, 1983, U-Matic digital, b/w, sound, 8'

Infinito 5, 1985, U-Matic digital, colour, sound, 10'

Atlanta, 1986, U-Matic digital, colour, sound, 4'

Prótesis, 1988, U-Matic digital, colour, sound, 8'