Music Video

4 september, 2005 - 18 september, 2005
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Bob Nickas
Meredith Danluck. Superbad, 2005
Meredith Danluck. Superbad, 2005

For this programme, Nickas made a personal selection of his favourite music videos from recent years, made both by established artists and by younger artists whose careers are just beginning. The pieces being screened include the optical/abstract/psychedelic video by Ara Peterson (Boston, 1973) (a former member of the Forcefield collective) for the group Black Dice. Using stop-motion animation, Lauri Faggioni created a magical accompaniment to a song by the singer Devendra Banhart. Mika Tajima’s (Los Angeles, 1975) video was done as part of a larger project for the group New Humans, which she founded with Howie Chen, while the work by Jacob Dyrenforth (Cincinnati, 1975) fights against narcissism and the pose of the rock guitarist, stoked by the idolatry of his fans. Urban New York is represented by Abbey Williams (New York, 1971), who embarks upon an erotic satire on the subway in YES, and Meredith Danluck (Miami, 1976), who constructs a rhythmic composition for young girls jumping rope in the city. These are only some examples of the pieces included in the programme, whose aim is to highlight the video clip format, with its specific length and rules, and to pave unsuspected ways for art and experimentation.