Oteiza and film

17 october, 2011 - 21 october, 2011
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Organized by
Museo Reina Sofía and Fundación Oteiza
Javier Aguirre. Uts cero, 1970
Javier Aguirre. Uts cero, 1970

The artist, with the help of X Films, would try to produce a fiction film (Acteón), in an attempt, as he put it, to tell some of the many things that have not yet been told (…), some of the things that I can personally tell (…) and tell them in a way that I have learned with statues and that I believe contemporary film needs to explore.

This program, conceived as an audiovisual series and seminar, takes place in connection with the publication of a book of the same name that explores for the first time the relationship between Oteiza and film. The audiovisual series has been designed as a way to illustrate how the aesthetic ideas of Jorge Oteiza find diverse references and allusions in certain times in film history, such as the work of Fellini or Resnais, which Oteiza intended to use as a point of departure. But the series also includes the attempts made by the artist (who is also the author of Quousque tandem…!) to create filmic depictions of emptiness and convey his ideas in real cinematographic practice. In addition, the seminar explores the keys to understanding the relationship between Oteiza and film within a broader contemporary context, in terms of the investigations by the neo-avant garde groups of the 1950s and 60s, their legacy in Basque audiovisuals and the mark they have left on filmmakers such as Víctor Erice, Paulino Viota or Javier Aguirre.