Paris (Europe) Here: New Video Trends in France

9 march, 1994 - 19 march, 1994
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Walter Verdin, Octavio Iturbe, Win Vandekeybus. La Mentira, 1992
Walter Verdin, Octavio Iturbe, Win Vandekeybus. La Mentira, 1992

The works in this programme are unique, because each artist has imposed their individual personality completely naturally, establishing the stamp of a specific language, the terms of the project, perhaps indeed demonstrating the signs of an individual experience of the world, more than the law of a common existence. The different manifestations and ambitions of this generation of artists, who - against all expectation - are completely disassociated from any movement, school or academy, have come together in the initial project to give birth to new perspectives and new forms of working with video.

At the same time, these are joint projects, because these works combine with the others, almost organically and on different levels, as if it were a responsive surface, a place at once alive and daring. Applying their own grammar, these pieces propose exchanges with other artists, vagaries, close links, constant movements in the centre and on the periphery. There is also a multiplicity of styles, registers, materials and possibilities that highlight what has been obvious since the 1980s: video provides an ideal space to tell the history of the world and of art.

The 17 artists participating in this series come from visual arts schools, universities and new alternative spaces. They do not seem to have anything to prove, nothing to impose or to demonstrate scientifically about a set idea of what is real. They are free to choose and act on known terrain. They do not turn archive images into metaphors, but set off on the path of the quest, investigation and knowledge.