Block 2. Underspaces

The friction of bodies

January 16, 18, 23 and 25, 2013
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Sarah Minter. Alma punk, 1991
Sarah Minter. Alma punk, 1991

This block reflects a series of collective experiences in semi-clandestine places, in certain "official" spaces and on the outskirts of large Latin American cities. New cultural manifestations linked to one another by the crudeness of their forms and by their total negation of official values. Later called the ‘subte’ scene (short for subterránea, underground), in this period creativity reached unknown heights, in contrast with the despondency and the brutality of the armed conflict in Peru, the military dictatorship in Chile and the processes of marginalisation in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.
Grouped around libertarian and anarchist discourses, and making use of music, the visual arts and poetry, these groups are characterized by their refusal to remain silent in the face of news about torture and disappearances, but also about the spread of the new market society. This independent scene choose to confront authoritarianism, repression and the social and cultural status quo, and it does so collectively through concerts, posters, scenographies, festivals and multidisciplinary encounters at universities, theatres and other places in the city.

Session 3

January 16, 7 p.m.
Sarah Yakhni and Alberto Gieco. Chile, 1984. Production format: U-Matic, 35 min. Exhibition copy in DVD. Original language: Portuguese, with Spanish subtitles. Distributed by Sarah Yakhni, Brazil.

Grito subterráneo (Underground Scream)
Julio Montero Solís. Peru, 1986. Production format: various, 120 min. Exhibition copy in DVD. Distributed by Julio Montero Solís, Peru.

Session 4

January 18, 7 p.m.
Nadie es inocente (Nobody is innocent)
Sarah Minter. Mexico, 1987. Production format: U-Matic, 58 min. Exhibition copy in DVD. Distributed by Sarah Minter, Mexico.

Alma punk (Punk Soul)
Sarah Minter. Mexico, 1991. Production format: U-Matic, 56 min. Exhibition copy in DVD. Distributed by Sarah Minter, Mexico.

Session 5

23 January, 7 p.m.
Rodrigo ‘D’. No futuro (Rodrigo 'D'. No future)
Víctor Gaviria. Colombia, 1990. Production format: 35 mm, 90 min. Exhibition copy in DVD.

Session 6

25 January, 6 p.m.
Pank. Orígenes del punk en Chile (Pank. The origins of punk in Chile)
Martín Núñez. Chile, 2010. Production format: various, 80 min. Exhibition copy in DVD. Distributed by Martín Núñez, Chile.

Frenesí (Frenzy) - Liliana Maresca - 1984/1994
Adriana MirandaArgentina, 1994.Production format: various, 35 min.Exhibition copy in DVD. Distributed by Adriana Miranda, Argentina.

Presentation by Miguel Conejeros
Miguel Conejeros is a musician. During his early career he was a member of the band Los Pinochet Boys (1984-1987), which pioneered a new way to conceive of rock/pop/electronic/experimental music in Chile and Latin America.