Graphic Outbreak 7. Light and Recording for Resistance

Workshop with Delight Lab and Vórtice Creativo CIMA

Sunday, 22 May 2022 - 11am

Free, until full capacity is reached, with prior registration by writing to, until 20 May at 12pm, indicating personal details and reasons for participation

Mbolo Moy Dole (Street Dos Hermanas 14, Madrid)
20 people

3 hours

Coordinated by
Guillermina Mongan
Organised by
Museo Situado and the Southern Conceptualisms Network
Graphic Outbreak
Inside the framework of
TIZ 3. Political Matter

In conjunction with the exhibition Graphic Turn. Like the Ivy on a Wall, a new series comprising three Graphic Outbreak is organised. Some of the artists’ collectives that are part of this exhibition enliven workshops which seek to create dialogue between graphic strategies of resistance brought from Latin America and different political protests carried out today in Spanish territories by collectives making up the Museo Situado network.

This seventh edition of Graphic Outbreak witnesses Delight Lab, in collaboration with Vórtice Creativo CIMA, seeking to create a space of reflection to collectively build slogans that can be projected in public space using the video mapping technique and which help to stress social problems such as health exclusion in the Spanish State. Following the passing of Royal Decree-Law 16/2012, of 20 April, access to the National Health System (SNS) in Spain is linked to people’s administrative situation, making it increasingly less accessible and universal. Above all, this situation afflicts undocumented migrant people, who experience long waits and unpayable bills, putting their life at risk.


Delight Lab is an audiovisual and experimental art and design studio that revolves around light, video, space and sound. It is made up of visual and sound artist Andrea Gana and artist and designer Octavio Gana. They carry out interventions related to social and environmental issues and develop projects with Mapuche communities to preserve sacred territories and their spiritual culture.

Vórtice Creativo CIMA came into being in October 2019 after the social protests in Santiago de Chile. It takes its name from Galería CIMA, a cultural space located in the middle of Plaza de la Dignidad which halted its programme of activities to support the demonstrations by installing a camera to record images live in the square from that point on. These images can be viewed via this link.

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