Ignacio Gómez de Liaño

In the network of time 1972 1977. Personal diary

April 11, 2013 - 7:00 p.m.
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Ignacio Gómez de Liaño. El juego del Correo, 11 VIII 1972. Photograph: José del Río Mons
Ignacio Gómez de Liaño. El juego del Correo, 11 VIII 1972. Photograph: José del Río Mons

The context surrounding this presentation is Museo Reina Sofía's recent interest in visual poetry and the networks of mail art, as shown by its archival acquisitions and the documentary space La escritura desbordada: Spanish and Latin American experimental poetry, 1962-1982. The presentation also provides an opportunity to continue the debate kindled by the exhibitions Encuentros de Pamplona 1972: The End of the Party for Experimental Art (2010) and Elena Asins. Fragments of memory (2011) and by the early issues of the series Desacuerdos. Sobre arte, políticas y esfera pública (2004-and thereafter).

En la red del tiempo 1972 1977 comprises the first six years of Ignacio Gómez de Liaño's diary. The early years witness the arrival of public poems and action poems, along with inquiries into the art of memory and architecture, but as time passes readers perceive a change in direction, towards the classicism of Arcadia (1981) and El idioma de la imaginación (1982). On the hinge between these two phases is Los juegos del Sacromonte, a hybrid work of fiction, history and philosophy released in 1975, the year of Franco's death. En la red del tiempo 1972 1977 contains articles, letters and illustrations that follow the story told by the diary and lead the reader to various scenarios, situations and persons in a living history of the art of the early 1970s.


José Luis Gallero, poet, editor and art critic. He has coordinated various editions of poetry and philosophy, such as Antología de poetas suicidas (1989 and 2005), Sólo se vive una vez: Esplendor y ruina de la movida madrileña (1991) and Heráclito. Fragmentos e interpretaciones (2009).

Fidel Moreno, artist, singer/songwriter and author. In 2005, he published a record-book-catalogue called El Hombre Delgado, for which he had called upon various artists to visually interpret his songs. A second volume was released in 2008. He is one of the editors of the publication project El Estado Mental.

José María Parreño, poet, writer, critic, art historian and exhibition curator. He teaches in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense and contributes to various art magazines and the cultural sections of Spain's major newspapers. He has also worked as deputy director of the Esteban Vicente Museum.

Ignacio Gómez de Liaño, writer, artist and professor of aesthetics. His undergraduate degree and his doctorate in Philosophy and Letters are from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He contributes regularly to newspapers and magazines such as ABC, El País, El Mundoand many others. Liaño is the author of various literary works and has published diaries, books of poetry and plays, and numerous volumes on philosophy. His publications include: Athanasius Kircher: Itinerario del éxtasis o las imágenes de un saber universal (1986), Iluminaciones filosóficas (2001), Sobre el fundamento (2002) and En la red del tiempo. 1972 1977 (2013).