Interdependent Cosmologies

First Workshop-Encounter with Project Art Works

Monday, 17, Tuesday, 18, and Wednesday, 19 April 2023 - Check times

Free, until full capacity is reached, with prior registration by writing to until Friday, 14 April. Please indicate: name, surname(s), professional background, relationship to the field of disability/neurodiversity and a brief statement of interest.

Sabatini Building, Workshop and Garden
30 people

Monday, 17 April – 11am to 2pm
Tuesday, 18 April – 10am to 2pm
Wednesday, 19 April – 10am to 12pm

Actividad accesible

If you require specific support to be picked up near the Museo (bus, taxi, metro stops), please send an email to

Información adicional
Organised by
Museo Reina Sofía
With the support of
Madrid City Council and the British Council
Interdependent Cosmologies
Education programme developed with the sponsorship of the Banco Santander Foundation
Project Art Works, Cosmologies of Care at documenta 15 in Kassel (Germany), 2022
Project Art Works, Cosmologies of Care at documenta 15 in Kassel (Germany), 2022

Project Art Works, a UK collective of neurodiverse artists and activists, puts forward this workshop-encounter involving the temporary occupation of places in the Sabatini Building to construct a creative space of convergence, connection and conversation between agents and communities at the intersection of neurodivergence, disability and culture. The collective explores themes such as care, vulnerability, cultural inclusion, accessibility and representation through the broader context of human rights. Visualising the ambiguity of systems of care and the importance of non-verbal ways of communicating, their work will create an accumulation of graphic, material and affective layers, forming new relationships and shaping future explorations.

This activity is framed within the artistic research project Vulnerable Cosmologies, which, from feminist positions and care, seeks to connect realities traditionally separated by the socio-health system such as physical and intellectual disability and neurodiversity. Which material and cultural structures organise such distribution? Which alternative imaginaries and societies can we build in the convergence of these universes? The project is curated by Carlota Mir and Carlos Almela (hablarenarte) and developed alongside the Museo Reina Sofía’s Education Area, artist Costa Badía and Project Art Works.

Project Art Works is a platform which collaborates with people who have complex support needs, families, caregivers and circles of support. Their practice intersects art and care, responding to neurodivergence by recognising its gifts and impacts. Challenging paradigms of inclusion, it spans direct practical and holistic support, film, events, projects and exhibitions. Project Art Works will be in residency in hablarenarte’s space Planta Alta, where it will explore the differences, similarities and relationships between art and care in Spain and the UK.