A look at Latin America


September 26, 2013 - 8:00 p.m.
Nouvel Building, Protocol Room
Conceived, directed and performed by

Federica Folco (Uruguay) and Josie Cáceres (Ecuador)

In collaboration with
the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador and the AZALA Espacio de Creación
Maravillosa. Photography: Rogelio Ortiz
Maravillosa. Photography: Rogelio Ortiz

“We live in a society in which everything is on sale. We modify our work as needed, we offer different versions, we are able to adapt to any circumstance. We sell our ideas, our emotions.”

This year the Mexican dance company Tumakat presents, in connection with Latin American art, the work Maravillosa at the Museum. This chamber piece is an exercise in reflection on the nature of dance as spectacle. Using humour, Federica Folco, from Uruguay, and Josie Cáceres, from Ecuador, have created a piece about the questioning of limits.

Maravillosa as part of the project coLABoratorio – Encuentro Sudamericano Europeo de Coreógrafos, an initiative of the Festival Panorama de Dança (Rio de Janeiro) with the support of the E.U. program Cultura 2000 and with the collaboration of FID – Fórum Internacional de Dança (Belo Horizonte), Bienal de Dança do Ceará (Fortaleza), Artsadmin (London), Alkantara (Lisbon) and Theatre Institut (Prague). Maravillosa received support from the South American Network of Dance and Perú in Dance (Lima) as well as from Iberescena in 2010.


Josie Thamar Cáceres. Cáceres has been working in the dance world since 1996 and is the founder of the Contemporary Art Corporation El Cuarto Piso, which organises conferences, workshops and creations in collaboration with artists, using collaborative, transdisciplinary and creative practices. She teaches at the Catholic University of Ecuador, Incine and the University of Plastic and Performing Arts, in Cuenca, Ecuador. She has worked for the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador as an advisor on new management models in dance. Her most recent productions are: A,E,I…E,A; Imágenes del Deterioro, Azar Chiripa and Coincidencia, Aire.

Federica Folco. Creator, dancer and teacher committed to the development of her field, dance and the body as a space for encounters, empowerment and transformation. She made the decision to focus her work on the area of creation and to understand the logics that make up this field of action and knowledge. This decision has led her to reflect on circulation, production and training in "creation in dance." Since 2000 she has created numerous works, alone and in collaboration with artists from her own country and others. In recent years she has organised workshops and projects linked to “creation” in various realms and cities. She also taught the virtual workshop “Creation processes in dance 2012" as part of INAE (National Institute of Performing Arts) and EduMEC. She taught at INAU (Uruguan Institute for Children and Youth) for ten years.