Situated Voices

Identities, Cultures and Artistic Practices in Present-Day Feminisms

6 March, 2018 - 7pm
Free, until full capacity is reached
Nouvel Building, Protocol Room
Organized by
Museo Reina Sofía

In conjunction with the actions to be organised worldwide by the feminist movement on 8 March 2018, the Museo Reina Sofía will initiate a round-table discussion, setting out to offer a space of reflection and coordination between different stances and voices that are currently active in Madrid. Therefore, the encounter will centre on debates around different present-day feminisms which have stemmed from multiple identities with hitherto scant visibility, focusing on their position with respect to art and culture, how they are organised and the way in which their modes of doing raise questions with regard to violence, bodies, language, identities, race and borders.    

To this effect, activists and artists with active involvement in different cross-generational initiatives intersected by feminism will address issues such as the mechanisms which grant violence visibility, the power of support and care networks, and new strategies of empowerment — issues that call for collective thinking.

Where are these identities, culture(s) and art situated in current feminist debates? How are multiple places of knowledge and experience articulated? What new spotlights and focal points emerge around the subaltern and power in anti-racist struggles? What strategies and new challenges do identity positions pose to feminism?

These questions and points of departure aim to encourage a collective reflection on the challenges facing feminisms — in plural — in the present day


Sarah Babiker is an anthropologist and journalist specialised in gender and the Arab world, Africa and Latin America. She is also a collaborator with publications such as El Salto and CTXT.

Cecilia Barriga is a director, screenwriter and audiovisual producer. From the start of her career she has documented women’s situations around the world, feminist thought and activism, and the construction of identities, both individual and collective.

Marian Garrido y Raisa Maudit are artists and feminists and have been members of the working group La Caja de Pandora since it was formed in July 2017. 

Kwanzaa is a University Afro-descendant Association, from the Department of Political Science and Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid. 

Estefanía Ruíz Molina works in mediation and community intervention, and is a student of Social Work and a member of Gitanas Feministas por la Diversidad (Feminist Roma Women for Diversity).

Jeannette Tineo Durán, from the Dominican-Caribbean diaspora, is a psychologist and poet. She is also a doctoral student of Multidisciplinary Gender Studies, and works in popular pedagogy and black Caribbean feminisms.

Facilitators: Sara Buraya, from the Museo Reina Sofía’s Public Activities Department, and Elisa Fuenzalida, writer and feminist peruvian researcher.