This exhibition charts the work of Angela Melitopoulos (Munich, 1961) from 1999 to the present day, pivoting around video as installation and as essay, starting from her most recent project Matri-Linear B, currently in progress.

Melitopoulos uses video as a tool for sensory intervention on and in the real, in projects which, setting out from specific case studies, address the historical and technological conditions of our cinematic experience of the world. Her videos and installations explore memory, perception and the forming of collective historical awareness, in addition to mapping and the use of places in time, moving deeper into specific issues such as resistance to the scattering of migrant communities’ memory, territorial struggles against extractivism and the present of animist thought in technological society. During the process of creation in these works, different collaborations surface, whether via encounters she maintains with the people involved in developing research or through her relationship, sustained over time, with certain intellectuals, artists or activists.

Angela Melitopoulos


16 june, 2023
Video Exhibitions