Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is interviewed a few weeks before the opening of the exhibition tributed to him at the Petit Palais of Paris. Asked for which of his works or era he would choose to survive him, Picasso avoids responding directly, pointing out that each work is the result of a moment, a circumstance and a mood. Nevertheless, he immediately mentions Guernica (1937), as an example that illustrates his answer: behind the picture, there is a war. Picasso's Guernica, like the rest of his work, can not be explained from the interpretation of the signs or from the greater or lesser success that he obtains, but each work constitutes a page of a great notebook of memories and notes, his own biography, where the personal is inseparable from the artistic.

Interview with Pablo Picasso. In: Panorama, October 21, 1966.
Office national de radiodiffusion télévision française.

Comments from Pablo Picasso. In: Panorama, October 21, 1966

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